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VYI is a non-profit organization that serves the entire community regardless of creed, color, or financial status. Everyon who applies has an equal opportunity to participate based on age, gender, willingness to volunteer, and when the registration is submitted.


VYI provides sports activities for children aged 5 to 18, usually in grades 1-12.


VYI offers programs for both males and females.


VYI is an all volunteer program. All of its officers are volunteers and all of its commissioners and coaches are volunteers. VYI expects both parents of children who participate to be active volunteers. In some programs both parents must volunteer or be subject to non-volunteer fees that ae not subject to waiver. Some programs require tests to be taken for volunteers, so those parents requesting fee waivers must be fully qualified before a fee waiver will be granted.


Some of VYI's programs are very popular and most have a cutoff date for registration, after which families may no longer apply. Those applying after the date may not be offered positions on a sports team or within a program, rgardless of whether they are requesting a fee waiver or not.


VYI does not discriminate based on the financial status of a family or their ability to pay the fees. VYI does require the applicant for waiver of fees o fill out a form, which is held privately by the league commissioner, related to the families ability to pay all or a portion of the fees for the given program.


Every sport has a form at their WEB site, which is visible during the registration process, related to requests for fee waivers. Any famiy desiring a fee waiver is expected to register first without paying, and then fill out a "Waiver Request" form, which is automatically sent to the league commissoner. After reviewing the form and determining the applicants ability to pay, the league commissioner will adjust the fee accordingly within the registration system and then notify the applicant via email as to what fee has been prescribed for that situation.  This process is expected to happen quickly, and if the applicant does not hear within 48 hours, they should contact the league commissioner via email, as many of the registration programs are set up to delete the registration of anyone where payment is not reconciled within 72 hours. Applicants for waivers are expected to pay the fee prescribed within 72 hours or their registration and fee waiver will be rejected, and if they ultimately wish to play the entire process wil have to be repeated.