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Vienna Youth, Inc., or VYI as it is more commonly called, is a youth sports organization that offers sports programs to children from 5-18 years of age in the Vienna, Virginia and the surrounding Northern Virginia area. VYI's programs include Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Cheerleading, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, Volleyball, and Rugby.

In addition to providing full sports programs in nine sports, VYI also funds an annual college scholarship program to support past participants who will attend college in search of a degree. Application instructions can be found under "Scholarship/MVP" on the left side menu; the application process usually opens in early April.  Applicants must demonstrate good character, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.95, have an excellent record of community service and sportsmanship, and complete all requirements of the application by the stated application deadline.

Follow the links at the top of the page to learn about or register for a specific sport or check out the left hand menu for information about scholarships.

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2023 VYI Scholarship Program and MVP Awards
VYI Scholarship Application and MVP Awards Application opens: ...
2023 VYI Scholarship Awards
The application process for the 2023 VYI Scholarship Awards will...
Oakton High School
Commissioners, Coaches, Parents, and VYI Participants - It has come...
Field and Facility Conduct
Dear Parents and Coaches, VYI has received some complaints concerning...
Sport Seasons
Spring: Flag Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track, Volleyball Summer: Rugby Fall: Cheerleading,...
2023 VYI Scholarship Program and MVP Awards

VYI Scholarship Application and MVP Awards

Application opens:  Saturday, 4/1/23

Application deadline: Sunday, 4/30/23 at 11:59pm


NOTE:  The 2023 VYI Scholarship and Hall of Fame Awards Banquet will be held at Westwood CC on Sunday, 6/4/23.


Annually, the VYI Board of Directors grants two types of awards to graduating high school seniors:

  • VYI Scholarship
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards


The VYI Scholarships and the MVP Awards are different as explained below.




VYI Scholarship


  1. VYI Participation. Applicants must have played for VYI (2 seasons minimum paid participation), or coached, or volunteered in some active capacity at least TWO of the six years encompassing middle and high school years, AND a minimum of THREE years out of the past twelve either playing, coaching or otherwise volunteering for VYI activities.  The total seasons played or volunteered for VYI is a primary consideration for the VYI Scholarship. Baseball, softball or soccer are not VYI sports and do not apply.
  2. Minimum GPA. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.95 out of 4.0 and are expected to start a post high school educational program after high school graduation.
  3. Current High School Transcript. Applicants must provide a copy of a current transcript from their high school and must include grades for the first semester ­­­­­­of the senior year.  TRANSCRIPTS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE GRADES FROM THE APPLICANT'S FIRST SEMESTER OF HIS/HER SENIOR YEAR WILL BE REJECTED, AND CAUSE THE APPLICATION AS A WHOLE TO BE REJECTED.  (NOTE: It is our understanding that students should be able to obtain transcripts from their high school counselors via email.)
  4. Essay Regarding VYI experience. Applicants must submit an essay in WORD or PDF format of at least 250 words on how VYI has affected the applicant’s life (other essays you sent with college applications are NOT acceptable). Applications that do not include an essay with  a minimum of 250 words will be rejected.
  5. Recommendation Letter. Applicants must submit a recommendation letter from a teacher, coach, or other non-family adult who has supervised the applicant in a leadership or community service role.
  6. Volunteering with VYI Confirmed. Applicants must demonstrate any volunteer, coach or leadership role with VYI by submitting a letter from the supervisor (commissioner or head coach) verifying the volunteer status. Volunteer years will not be counted without the letter from VYI Commissioner or head coach. VYI will also confirm number of volunteer years in its own system.  NOTE:  Volunteering with VYI is not in and of itself a requirement to apply for the scholarship.  Criteria #6 only applies IF an applicant has volunteered.  If an applicant has not volunteered, then Criteria #6 does not apply.
  7. ONLINE Application by DeadlineTo start the application process, the applicant must first complete an online application/registration form.  This form is available on by clicking on “Register Online" on the left side menu.  Applicants must submit the above 6 items via the VYI administrative WEB site at "" before 11:59 p.m. 4/30/23.  Access to is granted with a USERID equal to the email address provided in the online application/registration form on referenced above.  The password for is the cell phone number provided in the online application/registration form on referenced above.  All information submitted is expected to be complete, accurate, spelled correctly, and capitalized properly.


Initial selections for VYI Scholarships are made after review of all online applications and requested materials. We anticipate that the scholarship awardees will be notified via email by mid-May. 


VYI will mail scholarship checks by August 1st to the school's address provided by the recipient in the online application ( mentioned above.  NOTE: The VYI Scholarship Committee will communicate with the scholarship applicant via email - we will need the student's university/college student ID number in order to process the award check properly.  Prompt replies to any emails sent by the Scholarship Committee are much appreciated.  Failure to reply to emails in a timely manner will likely result in a delay in VYI's ability to process the award check.




Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards

MVP Awards are different from the VYI Scholarship. High school seniors do not apply for MVP Awards. MVP award recipients are chosen by each of the current VYI commissioners of each of the current VYI sports. The VYI Scholarship Committee verifies the qualifications of the proposed winners. A high school senior may also contact directly the VYI commissioner of the relevant sport to provide a sports resume and why the senior should be named the MVP for that sport no later than 5/1/23. VYI MVP Award recipients will be notified by the VYI Scholarship Committee by mid-May.


  1. MVP Award Recipients must have high character and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. MVP Award Recipients must, at a minimum, receive a letter in the varsity sport their senior year for which they are named MVP, have a verifiable history of participating in that sport for VYI, and plan to attend a post high school educational program in the fall following graduation.  NOTE: For 2023 spring sport MVP candidates, they must have received a varsity letter in their spring sport in at least one year of the preceding three years (i.e., for their freshman, sophomore, and/or junior years).
  3. MVP Award Recipients must have played, coached, or volunteered with VYI in some capacity at least two of the six years preceding their graduation from high school.


  1. MVP Award Recipients must complete an online form found as "MVP Information" under “Online Forms” in the left-hand menu at  
  2. MVP Award Recipients must provide a current high school transcript, including grades for the first semester of their senior year. 
  3. The transcript must be emailed to Mrs. Mary Forde, Chair of the VYI Scholarship Committee, at

by posted 03/28/2023
2023 VYI Scholarship Awards

The application process for the 2023 VYI Scholarship Awards will open on 4/1/23.

Thank you!


by posted 12/15/2022
Oakton High School

Commissioners, Coaches, Parents, and VYI Participants - It has come to our attention that there are some people driving up the "Cougar Driveway" that leads up to the fields at Oakton High School. This is the paved path that leads up to the fields and the snack bar from the parking areas below.

This path is for Oakton High School official business only. Nobody associated with VYI or any other youth organization should be driving up this path - even in inclement weather.

We ask that everyone abide by these rules and that VYI Commissioners and Coaches please direct parents where to park and drop off their children.


Thank you for your help in this matter. We need to continue our excellent relationship with Oakton High School.

Vienna Youth Incorporated

by posted 02/23/2017
Field and Facility Conduct
Dear Parents and Coaches,

VYI has received some complaints concerning the behavior of some parents, coaches and/or children using area sports facilities. While many of these complaints are eventually discovered to be related to other sports that are not related to VYI, we want to ensure our members continue to be respectful of the neighborhoods, schools, and parks that host our practices and events. Some of the specific complaints we’ve received include:
  • Parking in front of neighborhood houses and obstructing resident access
  • Walking through private property
  • Generally disturbing the peace and quiet of the people living around the fields and gyms

As stated previously, we don’t know if any of the incidents reported involve VYI parents, coaches or children but it is appropriate that we establish guidelines so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Anything a parent, coach or player does while attending a VYI activity reflects on VYI and all of us individually.

Use of area gyms and fields is a privilege not a right. VYI has an excellent reputation in the community and because of that we enjoy certain privileges. It is imperative that we maintain this reputation. We are guests in these neighborhoods and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

We will be amending the parents Code of Conduct rules to spell out specific expectations but here are some rules that we must all follow:

  • Parking on residential side streets is only permitted when all lots adjacent to a facility are full.
  • Do not park in the designated SACC (School Age Child Care) parking areas in school parking lots
  • When it is necessary to park on a neighborhood street we must be quiet and respectful of the residents and their property. This means there should be no yelling, littering or trespassing on private property.
  • Never park in such a way as to block a driveway or otherwise obstruct the resident from leaving their home or parking in front of it.
  • Make sure we leave each facility clean and free of trash.
  • Be a leader. If you witness inappropriate behavior intervene and report to a coach or commissioner as appropriate.
We appreciate your support in ensuring that we have continued access to the facilities that are vital to our sports programs.

Vienna Youth Incorporated
by posted 05/01/2010
Sport Seasons

Spring: Flag Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track, Volleyball
Summer: Rugby
Fall: Cheerleading, Tackle Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Lacrosse
Winter: Basketball, Wrestling

Click the links at the top of the page to register for any of the upcoming season's sports.

by posted 06/17/2009
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